Bruce Lee: A Dragon Story│Full Martial Arts Movie


The film opens with a pre-fame Bruce Lee (Bruce Li) delivering newspapers in Seattle, Washington. We then see Lee competing in various martial arts tournaments and eventually landing a role on the television show The Green Hornet. He also gets married, and has to fight a whole lot of challengers.

Later, Lee goes to Hong Kong, and, after being discovered on television by the wife of director Lo Wei, is given a contract at Golden Harvest.

Lee also meets and falls in love with actress Betty Ting-Pei, who announces that she is pregnant with his love child (the film’s most radical departure from the facts of Lee’s life). The soap opera-style romance takes over the film in its second half, and at one point there is a love triangle between Lee, Betty Ting-Pei, and one of Lee’s co-stars (almost certainly based on Nora Miao).

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