Captain Nagarjuna


The movie story deals with Captain Nagarjun who saves the passengers and the flight by landing it safely in spite of engine failure. He falls in love with one of his passengers, Radha. Co-pilot Murthy and Radha’s friend Manju are lovers. Radha is a renowned classical dancer, visiting her uncle Ananda Rao. He impersonates as Ananda Rao’s nephew. He insistently tries to make Radha to accept his love. Ananda Rao returns from his business trip and promises to help Nag. Radha refuses to listen. Nagarjun challenges Radha for a dance competition. The loser shall listen to the winner. During the competition, Radha loses her step, and, at the brink of losing, kisses Nag. Stunned Nag stops dancing.

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