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The film is about the fictional flight EA-714 from Nice to Munich . Shortly after take-off, the machine collides with a small sports plane , which both tears a leak in the cargo hold , as well as the hydraulic system is damaged and thus all control elements fail on board.

According to calculations, the maneuverable aircraft would crash within 90 minutes in the middle of downtown Berlin .

Desperately, the crew in the air and on the ground trying to avert the disaster. Flight captain Winkler and copilot Niclas Sedlaczek see only one chance to survive: The defective control in the open cargo hold must be repaired. But there is not much time left. The launch order for the plane has already been issued and the head of the airline has already given up the passengers . After an unsuccessful attempt by an engineer, a young boy succeeds in repairing controls in a narrow area in the rear and a controlled emergency landing occurs, in which the aircraft is largely destroyed, but the fuselage and the passengers remain intact.

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