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Cycle Kick which is the story of how small things, no matter how modest to us, can be the most sought after treasure for another.Cyclekick is about honour, pride and the joys of youth culminating in a pulsating climax that will show who will KICK or be KICKED!!!

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Its the story of two brothers, Ramu (Actors Name) and his younger brother Deva (Actors Name). They live in a small coastal village and without parents have grown up relying only on life’s necessities. Ramu works all morning and attends college in the afternoon just so that he can send Deva to a decent school. Both boys can’t see their lives altering…

Until one day they find a beaten up cycle. The repair it and swiftly their lives change. Ramu is able to be more productive and take up extra jobs and Deva fulfills his dream of owning a cycle, which is seen as a symbol of status in this sleepy village. Their lives are looking up…

Then suddenly the cycle is stolen. Ramu and Deva search for the thief and it leads them to Ali (Actors Name). Ali is a feisty young man using the cycle as a way to make an impression. For him, it makes him the centre of attention finally. Ramu and Deva confront Ali who swears he didn’t steal the bike and won’t let it go easily.

In the middle of this conflict, the coach of the Government College Ramu and Ali study at (Tom Alter), proposes a noble way to settle the dispute – a football match. On playing themselves to a standstill, the two decide to share the cycle until Ali’s past catches up to him and the cycle is destroyed in a fight with boys from the more expensive St. Joseph’s College.

Eager to settle the score the Coach and the boys decide to take on St. Joseph’s in a football match. Ramu and Ali are without facilities and even a training field but they make it up in heart and desire. Who will win?

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