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Diler Hindustani which is about the journey of a youth Anwar who clutches in to of anti-social elements and plans a secret mission to find the faces behind the bomb blast which kills his family. Anwar a young muslim fascinated by terrorism works for Babu sait , a local community leader and a suspect in the bomb blast case. Soon he becomes the most trusted and obedient right hand of Babu Sait. Anwar is an NRI that lives in America and came back home for his sister’s wedding & engagement where he meets Ayesha and falls for her. Anwar loses his family in a bomblast. Meanwhile Ayesha is arrested and Anwar seeks help from Stalin to bail her in return of which he promises to assist him in discovery of terrorist activities. Anwar betrays Babu sait by blasting the ship with a consignment-containing full of explosives & weapons. Babu Sait becomes furious, when Anwar informs Babu Sait about his parents he commits suicide. Stalin & his colleague get bravery awards but no one has recognises the near-death battle Anwar has played.

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