Edge Of Fury│Full Martial Arts Movie


In Hong Kong, a poor young man not bad at kung fu is taking a beating for a debt he can’t pay to keep his ill mother, when a wealthy businessman sees him, and hires him as his new chauffeur. Fang Pao (Bruce Li) is delighted, since his uncle already worked for Mr. Chen as gardener, and a friend of his as the industrialist’s bodyguard. Fang Pao is taken to the criminal police headquarters for questioning, while his boss is arrested and sentenced to death in Bangkok for drug smuggling. It’s up to Fang Pao to unravel the mystery behind his boss’s downfall before he is executed. Mr. Chen’s second wife (Dana Tsen) looks more worried with what she may inherit from his death than in postponing it; Jimmy, his good friend, is actually Mrs. Chen’s lover; the lawyer has a row with Mrs. Chen and seems to loose interest in the case. Eventually, Mr. King, the Bangkok’s associate, comes in help of the jobless chauffeur, offering him a new position – but only to better bribe him out of his secret.

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