Fukrapanti Students Do In Classroom Ft. Hunny, Choocha & Lali | Ashish Chanchlani


Have you ever come across the most mischievous students in our classroom, this video features the masti that happens during those lectures

starring : Ashish Chanchlani with Fukrey returns star cast Pulkit samrat, Varun sharma, Manjyot singh , Kunal Chhabhria, Akash dodeja & Simran Dhanwani ,Muskan Chanchlani, jashan sirwani, tanish sirwani, mamta kodwani,rohit sadhwani, ronak shah, Nidhi Oswal, akash jagtap,simran dudani,manan shah,raaj raisinghani, navjyot chandnani,yogesh makhija, Anmol sachar, varun nair

Shot by : Sid Kedare

sound handling : Anmol sachar

make up : Miss Mcblush

Associate director : Akash dodeja

Edited by : kunal chhabria

Written and created by : Ashish Chanchlani & Kunal Chabbhria

Location courtesy : Nmims, Mumbai

Special thanks : Pranav Panpalia
Agency : Thanks to Opraahfx for this collaboration.
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