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Adhisaya Ulagam is a 2012 Tamil language Indian fantasy film written and directed by Shakti Scott and produced by R. Banuchitra. The film stars J. Livingston, Sree Lakshmi, Mannan Prithivraj, Anandha Kannan, and Latha Rao, in a project combining animation with live action as India’s first 3D film that featured dinosaurs. In the film, Neelakantan, an Indian scientist, invents a time machine through which he and his grandchildren are accidentally transported to the prehistoric world. There they encounter numerous now extinct animals, including dinosaurs. The film was released on 10 August 2012 in India.

Movie Name – Godzilla Mera Saathi (Adhisaya Ulagam) – Tamil Dubbed Hindi Movie
Starring – J. Livingston, Sreelahksmy, Mannan Prithivraj, Anandha Kannan, George Antonty, Latha Rao
Director – Shakthi Scotte

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