Joru Ka Ghulam


The movie story deals with Wealthy Dyaneshwarprasad Pitamber has a problem, to be precise four problems – his four uncontrollable daughters, named after four Goddesses: Lakhsmi, Saraswati, Parvati, and Durga, who refuse to be disciplined, and be married. Pitamber arranges for Raju Patel to come from the U.S. and marry at least one of his daughters. Unfortunately, Raju is waylaid at the airport by two con men, Raja and Kanhaiya, and his luggage, clothes, and id. is taken over by them, and he is left in barely basic clothing at the airport, mistaken for a beggar. Raja assumes the identity of Raju, and Kanhaiya accompanies him to Pitamber’s house. Once there, they are welcomed with open arms by Pitamber, and Raja agrees to all conditions set up by Pitamber and his daughters in order to get married and inherit part of the vast wealth and fortune. Sensing something wrong somewhere, Pitamber asks Raja to locate three other grooms for his three daughters also, otherwise no marriage will take place, as he wants all four daughters to be married at the same time. With all four refusing to marry anyone, looks like Raja and Kanhaiya have a lot on their hands, apart from hiding from notorious criminal Pappu Anna, who has sworn to kill them for making him suffer a huge FINANCIAL loss.

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