Khazanchi {HD} – M. Ismail – S.D. Narang – Ramola Devi – Old Hindi Full Movie -(With Eng Subtitles)


“Khazanchi is a captivating murder mystery. Shadi Lal is a cashier in a bank in Lahore. His son Kanwal wants to marry Madhuri, the daughter of a rich man, Durga Das. A wicked man named Ajmal also wants to marry Madhuri. One day, Shadi Lal goes to Bombay for some bank work and the news comes from the city that Shadi Lal murdered an actress and stolen her jewellery and money. Watch how the mystery unfolds.

Star Cast – M. Ismail, S.D. Narang, Ramola Devi, Durga Mota, Manorma, Ajmal, Jankidas
Director – Moti B. Gidwani
Producer – D.M. Pancholi (Pancholi Productions, Lahore)
Cinematographer – Badri Das
Music Director – Ghulam Haider
Lyricist – Wali
Story – Dalsukh M Pancholi
Screenplay – Moti B. Gidwani
Dialogues – Wali
Editor – Nariman C. Mistry

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