Khuni Jaljala – Full Movie – Hindi


Khooni Jaljala is a murder mystery movie released in the year of 2000, directed by Hriday Shankar and music composed by Devesh Bharadwaj. The film stars Kartik, Pragya, Kishan, Sonam and Dara. Khooni Jaljala is one of the thriller creation in the league of Indian Suspense and thriller movies. Some Players with a Coach (Mr. Khurana) are out for a training camp of All India Sports. Swati reaches at the venue very late with the help of an unknown person (Dr. Rahul). Swati founds Neelam dead in a swimming pool and Mr. Kumar Anand, a CBI Officer is called to investigate the case. Later, one by one players are killed, murder mysetry deepens as Jimmy is considered as the murderer. Is Jimmy the criminal???

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