Murder In Mumbai


Watch this bollywood hindi movie “Murder In Mumbai”

It’s a story about a girl who was in Pune, she was inspired by Gogi to come to Mumbai for Acting/Modeling and that’s how she landed in Mumbai, she signed an agreement innocently which was not an entry to Bollywood but an entry to the Bar of Mumbai. Unexpectedly she gets a shock of her life as she understood that she is being a Bar Dancer not an actress. Feels cheated but is helpless. In the Bar a waiter named Arun falls in love with Reshma and proposes her to Marry but due to certain circumstances Reshma denies for the marriage.

It just happens that when Raghvan a regular customer to bar and a lover of Reshma comes to know about the affair of her and Abdul Karim, he becomes manic and goes to finish her. But Arun comes and saves her. That’s how Reshma cultivates a feeling for Arun. Slowly feelings become stronger and finally she says yes to marry Arun. They get married and start living a good family life after a lot of bad time in the Bar, and then a twist comes in the story that Arun leaves for Dubai to earn good money as Reshma leaves the job of the Bar. They both become busy in their lives, but then a girl called Nilofar was very jealous of Reshma during the beginning days of her being in the bar.

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