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Rivaaz is a story in which a man falls in love with a village belle who is destined for traditional prostitution.

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Rivaaz deals with love, evil tradition and sacrifice. The movie centers around a girl named Bela who lives in Central Western India. Bela was having her own dreams but her tradition happens to be a hindrance to it. The movie takes a turn while Bela reaches the age of 18 and from there the story progresses depicting the evil tradition of celebrating the girl’s loss of virginity. According to this evil tradition, when the girl child reaches the age of 18 their parents will sell their girl child for a huge amount of money and it was a kind of business for their parents to meet their daily needs. In the mean while Bela fell in love with a boy named Rahul and she started dreaming about a family life. But her parents and evil tradition acts as a hindrance towards all her dreams. The story reaches its climax explaining her fate.

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