Saaya Kaali Raat Mein


Hunger of wealth makes the men mad and in this madness they forget not only friendship but also relation of blood. A mad like this Jagat Singh (Raza Murad) kills his own brother and sister in law for getting the wealth of Rang Haweli but he does not success in his plan. He is not a man to accept defeat. He keeps his operations continue and tries to kill his nephew ( Ajay Singh) to clear his way.
In the other side Rana ( Ali Khan) also wants to capture the wealth of Rang Haweli. He makes a plot with his friends to kill Ajay Singh. He says that his property was cheated from his father. So he is the only heir to this property.
Deepak manager of Ajay Singh, meets Rana. They make a plan and send Sheela (Deepak’s Girlfriend) to Rang Haweli. Then starts the game of life and death. Police force is engaged for safety of Ajay Singh and Rang Haweli.
Is police successful in saving Ajay Singh?
Does Rana and Jagat Singh succeeds in their plan?
To know all this watch suspence, romance and full with action film “Saaya Kali Raat Mein”.

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