The Great Supremo


The movie story deals with Pailey who has come from Irattupetta, a small village in rural Kerala to Mumbai and made a name for him. He had come originally to Mumbai with the hope of making it big in Bollywood as an actor. But after many failed attempts, he becomes a stuntman who becomes the dupe for big stars. Due to his dare devil stunts he gets the name Phantom Pailey. But one day while shooting a helicopter fight scene, he falls down and gets injured. Pailey understands that once a stuntman gets injured, his career ends, but he is made of different stuff. He decides to take a break and then come back to Mumbai. So he goes to a backward rural village of Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, called Pallikara where his younger brother Josekutty who is an officer at the local dam. But Pailey’s real ambition is to rejuvenate himself and get his wound healed and then go back to Mumbai. Soon after his arrival an earthquake and landslide happens in the village and he gets involved in a fight between the locals and outsiders. The villagers are used to these natural calamities and following their complaint, to prevent such frequent earthquakes government puts a court order that quarry work should be stopped immediately. The contractor who mints money out of the quarry, Annachi and his people are at loggerheads with the local people who are led by Gandhi Pillai and the church priest.

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