The Real De Dana Dan (Vettam)


The movie story deals with a police officer Gopi who is on trail. Gopi is a petty thief and he had stolen a precious chain and is on the run. While on the run Gopi meets Veena. Veena is on her way to break the marriage of her lover to a tycoon’s daughter. Due to a certain circumstance Gopi has to hide the chain in Veena’s bag but later discovers that it is missing. Gopi suspects that the chain is still with Veena and so he accompanies her in her journey. Their journey comes to a halt when Gopi is forced to jump off the train, because of Veena. Veena had gone to get some water and she missed the train. Veena realises that place was Gopi’s hometown. When Gopi’s sister realises that Gopi was in town, she comes and informs him that his younger sister’s marriage is fixed. Veena’s opinion of Gopi changes when she realised the reason why he was a thief. Gopi calls off his younger sister’s marriage when he realised that there was a catch in it. Gopi promises that he will find a better groom for his sister and he just needs more time. Gopi realises that Veena didn’t have the chain with her at all. In order to fulfill his promises, Gopi sets off to find some money to fund his sister’s wedding and to regain all the lost family properties. Veena proposes a bargain and Gopi, once again, sets off with Veena in order fulfill Veena’s wishes of marrying her lover. At the same time, Mani runs away with his lover and all of them meet up. The rest of movie reveals how each of them try to solve their problems and achieve their goals.

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