When You Do it For The First Time | Harsh Beniwal


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Anni Hops On Yet Another Raunchy Ride, But Will This Ride Be Smooth As He Expected Or Will He Get Knocked Out By His Cruel Fate, Let’s Find Out!

Written by: Shivam Bajpai, Harsh Beniwal, Purav Jha
Director: Harsh Beniwal
Assistant Director: Akriti Bajpai
Director of Photography: Nitin Goyal Cam
Assistant DOP: Raju
Attended: Harsh, Ashish, Chirag
Edited by: Anmol Prasher , Harsh Beniwal
Background Score: Harsh Beniwal
Associate Director: Meghana Yadav
Color Correction: Anmol Prasher
Executive Producer: Mohit Chhikara
Production Member: Gagan jangid
Spot: Vishal
Location By: Kalakast
Thumbnail: Vishal Rana (Pheonix)
Makeup By : Virend
VFX by : Video.darjee
Sound By : Parvesh, Shubhash
Crowd : Yash films

Harsh Beniwal as Anni
Meghana Yadav as Ritu
Hinisha Chauhan as Ritu’s Mother
Gaurav Arora as Anni’s Father,
Mohit Chhikara as Police man
Purav Jha as Hotel Manager
Akriti Bajpai as Ruksana
Shivam Bajpai as Nawab
Anmol Prasher as Sketch Artist
Shashwat as Park kid
Ujjwal as Park guy
Amit Om malik as Bhaiya
Sagar Jha as Vendor
Gagan as Father’s Friend
Rakesh as Father’s friend
Avi Sigh as Local guy
Sandeep as police 1
Aniket as police 2
Vishal as Chunni’s Boyfriend



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